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Dear Brothers and Sisters


We Can Build UNITY in Am Yisrael

Help Spread the Soul of Torah

Rav Adam Sinai Shlita with a message:
 The answer to our challenges and trials is in our hands

The Challenge: to Build Lasting Unity in Am Yisrael

As a people, we have experienced countless tragedies. It is always incredible to see how Am Yisrael wakes up almost instantly to a strong sense of belonging and community, over and over again. 

Unfortunately, this unity eventually fades, as we try to get life back “to normal”. 

There is another way: It is Possible to Build Lasting Unity!

It is time to
raise our heads


We believe that this tragedy is a wake-up call.


As a community — we wish to reach out to those who also see this as an opportunity, a call from our Creator, to create deep, lasting change. A change which will lift us up - not only as a united and victorious nation - but also as a people, ready to fulfill our greater purpose.

To strengthen B’nei Israel, who are likened to the soul of the world, we must learn the soul of the Torah!

We can create such lasting change,
by strengthening our collective soul — as a people.

By spreading the internal wisdom of the Torah,
seeking to touch every Jew, it is possible to light up the very depths of each and every neshama.

The danger is when our materialistic, ego-centric concepts
rather than our spiritual values and ideals
take control of the steering wheel.

This dangerous trend has grown dramatically over the last generations. The figurative slave is turning into the tyrannical master.

We know that the material and external side of reality is only the most superficial part of it — yet it has grown enormously in its importance and is seeking to overshadow our inner life of spirit.

This can change. We can change this — for the benefit of all humanity.

We are reaching out for partners

to this important undertaking

Through Donation


To bring the inner wisdom of the Torah — called the SOUL OF THE TORAH — and spread the spark that can ignite this generation’s greatest change.

You can be a part of this movement — Together, let's make a change!

This is learning that can speak out to millions of people.

With Hashem’s help, this change will come soon.


We all agree that what we need most is unity,
love and peace. These cannot come about through external means, but only from within our souls.

Rabbi Adam Sinai

As we explained, there are problems with all those who deal with the Torah. They underestimate their own soul (inner self), and the soul (internal wisdom) of the Torah
and place it as a thing that is not needed in the world; and they deal with it only at a time that is neither day nor night, and are like the blind feeling their way against a wall. In that they strengthen their physical reality - that is, the value of their material existence and the external aspect of the Torah. By this they increase too, the external side of reality, and by doing so, cause calamities


and in such a generation, all the masters of destruction in the nations of the world raise their heads and want, above all, to destroy and kill Bnei Israel.

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Ha-Levi Ashlag ZTVK"L

Author of the Perush HaSulam
(“The Ladder” Commentary on the Zohar) | The Living Arizal

Introduction to the Book of the Zohar. Verse 70.

Let's create change together

The time is now


As Am Yisrael calls out for True Unity amongst us!


We have already created 14,000 lessons
available online, completely free, to all who desire to learn. 

It is our goal and purpose to develop these resources - and to create highly accessible courses for anyone to learn the most profound and comprehensive interpretation of the wisdom of Kabbalah. 

We envision creating these materials with cutting-edge professionals and in line with the insights culled from the living Torah of Baal Hasulam's writings on the Zohar and the Holy Ari's Kabbalist texts.

We have a number of tasks and challenges to take this learning to more and more people:

  • To upgrade our recording equipment

  • To set up a full backup system

  • Redesign and translate our website 

  • Professional advertising

  • To create top-notch, Torah content for learning seminars, workshops, online courses, and more

  • To create and publish materials

  • To set up educational institutions

  • and so much more…

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-06 at 12.11.51 PM (3).jpeg


And he who studies the Torah, and there is no one to support him, and there is no one to send money, to put good coins in his pocket to strengthen him. Because of this, the Torah was forgotten in each generation and weakened the power of the Torah every single day, because those who invest their lives in Torah have nothing to rely on. "The meaning of "limping on his hip" (Genesis 32:32), that they don't give support and strengthen the scholars to engage in the Torah.


Therefore, the kingdom of evil increases every day, and see how much this sin caused, as there is no one to raise the Torah up, which is Ze’ir Anpin, appropriately.

. . .

The pillars of [the Torah] have become weak, and this causes that it has no legs or feet to stand upon them — this is the primordial serpent. As it is written "on your belly you shall walk".”

. . .

So it is with Israel, if they don't want to raise up the Torah, that is, to provide for scholars who deal in Torah. In this, they let the snake supports and legs to stand and become strong, because it is from the lack of holiness that the side of evil was created.”

Zohar Vayishlach: 108-109

לפרטים והרשמה

דוא״ל לשאלות ופניות

 קהילת הסולם לומדת פנימיות

The “HaSulam” community, led by Rav Adam Sinai Shlita, has set itself the goal of learning, living and spreading the Torah of Baal Hasulam. First we set up and learned a full, three-year course of daily study of  Study of the Ten Sefirot (TES) by Rabbi Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag ZTVK"L. We then, we took it upon ourselves to also establish a daily study of The Holy Zohar with the Sulam  (Ladder) Commentary, making sure to create it accessible to all levels of learners.


The eight-year long, daily course of study compiled in-depth, precise study of the entire Zohar and the New Zohar (‘Zohar Hachadash’) in accordance to Ba’al Hasulam’s commentary and interpretation.


Every daily learning included two lessons: a longer, more in-depth study for advanced learners, who are already familiar with the Talmud of the Ten Sefirot. Second, a briefer lesson, in which Rav Sinai communicated the higher spiritual laws in clear and simple terms — relevant to every single Jew’s daily life

Rav Adam Sinai Shalita combines great precision and depth of Ba’al Hasulam’s learning with a wealth of experience and insight into the everyday human condition. The members of the community contributed with pertinent and pressing questions - questions raised by the generation of the Geula. Many of these questions are asked for the first time in this course of study. The Rav relates to every question and topic in depth, connecting and resolving them through the fundamentals of Torah and its inner wisdom. In full accordance and profound loyalty to Ba’al Hasulam’s principles and crystal clear insight. 


דיוק, עומק, נאמנות 

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-06 at 12.11.51 PM (2).jpeg

Ancient Secrets Revealed

A mere 100 years ago, the wisdom of Kabbalah was buried and hidden behind many locks. Today more and more people are learning this beautiful and incisive wisdom in a way that is newly attainable — clear, structured and profound. This wisdom lifts our perspective up above time, space and separateness.


This treasure of around 14,000 (!!!) recorded lessons, online courses accompanying the Daily Zohar learning and the Eser Sefirot, Shiurim for women, workshops teaching practical models and tools for spiritual, inner work (Torat Hanefesh) means that this learning is constantly being refined and communicated.
The Sulam Community involves children in this learning from a young age, with age-appropriate teachings. 

In short, we make great efforts to make these eternal teachings - the Torah of the Meshiach - comprehensible, liveable and relevant for all who seek to connect to this rich, spiritual path.


Taste and See that
the Lord is Good

The Beit Midrash of the Sulam has engraved on its banner the study and sharing of the Torah’s internal wisdom of Kabbalah and Torat Hanefesh, in light of the teachings of Ba'al HaSulam and his son, the Rabbash (Rebbe Baruch Shalom). 


We have devoted ourselves to this important enterprise for the last twenty years, overcoming many challenges on the way.

We have created an accurate and in-depth study of the entire Talmud, the Ten Sefirot, and its 16 parts, as well as a study of the entire Hozaar HaKodush, both for beginners and advanced students.


Talmud students of the Ten Sefirot and the Holy Zohar heap much praise on this study.

But this is not enough!


Loyally following the teachings
of Ba’al Hasulam

For over twenty years, day and night, we have been holding classes on the wisdom of Kabbalah in our
Beit Medrash. The day-and-night learning is conducted together with a community of families, who have joined the “Sulam Community” in order to not only study - but also live in accordance with the Ba’al Hasulam’s teachings. This takes place through daily study, open seminars, upholding the traditions and customs, children’s activities and much more. 

When Ba’al Hasulam’s teachings are lived out in daily life - new questions arise among the learners, Torah learning is lit up by new insights, as are the inner changes that take place within each one. 

Above all, we seek together to fulfill with renewed dedication the commandment to "Love your neighbor as yourself, I am the Lord".

Beit Midrash "Hasulam" - for the study of the Internality of the Torah
and the Wisdom of Kabbalah, through the teachings of Ba’al Hasulam. HaTashpad.

Contact Us : 972-50-314-1111

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